About Us

Where We Live: S.E. Asia, having began our labor in Asia since November of the year 2000. Ministering and living first in Taipei, Taiwan for 3 years and then moving to another location in Eastern Asia where we have lived since April of 2004.
Target Areas of Mission Work: Eastern Asia – Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and two closed countries.

Why Asia: God specifically spoke to our hearts to move to East Asia to reach and empower indigenous nationals for His ministry purpose. Many leaders from indigenous groups in Eastern Asia are desperate for biblical teachings and instruction. They have what we call a very strong spiritual hunger to know God and to make Him known. We strongly believe that Asia is the next continent to see a major move of God with rapid evangelism and church growth. We have been obedient to our Father’s leading and direction to move here and help aide Asian believers for this purpose.
Empowering & Discipling Asian Nationals. With limited ability to travel and work openly in Asia, we are training Asian nationals to evangelize and make disciples within their own culture and among their own people. We see that this is the key to reaching Asian countries with the Gospel. Currently we are running Module Bible Training Schools and we targeted 5 specific areas in Eastern Asia, 2 in a closed country, 1 in Cambodia, 1 in located in the Golden Triangle and 1 in Myanmar.
Eastern Asia Focus: The majority of Eastern Asia remains closed to the Gospel and many Christians are heavily persecuted for their faith in Christ. Many don’t realize that Eastern Asia holds nearly 1/3 of the world’s population with an estimate of over +80% (+1.84 billion) of them having never heard the simple message of God’s gift of salvation through Jesus. Many having never heard for the very the first time. Our heart is to help bring knowledge of God’s gift of love, given to each and every Asian national, so that none go without hearing that Christ died for them.
Our Church Planting Projects are 18 month programs sponsoring Asian leaders who plant churches to bring the gospel to unreached villages with no gospel witness. So far we have seen 43 church plants in unreached areas started. We are honored to be able to help the local believers bring the gospel to places unknown.